Duality Of Woman


I started writing under the name DarkSideOfWife because I wanted to be able to write without my husband, family, or friends evaluating my inner thoughts and the snipits of what comes out via pen. My other online personality is easily trackable so I needed to allow myself a new identity.

Few people in life have only one side to them. This isn't a women's only group, but I feel that writers that are able to free their inner vixen, or in a twist their inner June Cleaver in their writing need a group to post and share with. If you have an inner person that is vastly different than your outer person, especially if you are woman or you write about women in this situation, this is the group for you.

I promise to distribute 1 great thought each week that I hope to see responses that will lead to open chapters for your own and my own writing.

Thank you.

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