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Week 2 Topic: Little Favorite Things

14 Years Ago

Part of writing is in the detail, details we often look past in our day to day lives. I was thinking this morning about some of the little things I love to do or experience every day and how those things make me, me. The kinds of things I don't discuss or analyse, I just appreciate. So this week, lets post a little bit about the small things that make us happy or that we appreciate in our day that other people may not know about us.

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14 Years Ago

Some of my favorite things aren't all that crazy.

I love being able to have the time in the morning to take a shower, wrap myself up in the biggest warmest towel I can find, flip my hair up in a towel turbin and sit at my computer or walk around my house like that letting the water evaporate from my skin slowly and beautifully.

I like the way my body shivers a little when I climb into bed before the sheets and the blankets start to reflect and insulate my body heat.

I like the way that when my husband and I are home together and we are busy doing something or reading, or watching TV, and I can kiss into the air and no matter what he is doing, he hears it and kisses into the air back.

I love the way I feel in a good fitting business suit. When I walk out the door with a great suit I know that nothing will stop me in my day. There is an assertiveness to my step when I am wearing a good suit that escapes me on other days. That power is such a great feeling.

On my drive home everyday, no matter where I am coming from, I always try to put on some pop 80's tune, a dance number, or some other song from my early twenties party-years because it puts a smile on my face while I am car-dancing my way home. And yes, I am the crazy lady singing to herself and bustin' a groove while in traffic. Let me tell you it is a lot more fun trying to shake it in the car and being silly than being a Mrs. Bitchy-face because the traffic is held up.

Every day I look up the indie charts and try to find a song that reaches me more than all the others and then I listen to it and let it become part of me.

Every evening, right before bed, one of our cat's, Allie, crawls up on John's chest and snuggles in. It is like their private little "Daddy" and Allie time. I like watching them because it is really precious. And John cares enough about his cat to make time for this every evening so that his cat gets enough attention. Those few minutes of attention he showers over the cat says so much about why he is my husband.

Well those are my little moments in a day that make my world a happier place for me.

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14 Years Ago

Altho' I hate Kool-Aid, I love orange popcicles. Freeze the kool-aid and Jonestown is a distant memory.

Altho' I hate blood and gore, I love suspense--and will watch any movie that will scare the hell out me.

Altho' I hate bugs, I have an affinity for spiders--the colors, the intelligence, the many eyes--it's as if they're sacred in some way.

Altho' I hate noise, I love the rhythm of a drum solo--its seduction, its magic.

Altho' I hate liars, I love to read fiction.

Altho' I hate sad stories, I love country music...go figure.

Altho' I hate murder and mayhem, I love to read about serial killers...oooooooo! What's that say about me?!?

Such is the duality of this woman. I'm Linda, glad to meet you.

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14 Years Ago

I am very glad to "meet" you too. This was a very well written piece and I would have to agree with a few of them myself!

Thank you for posting,


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14 Years Ago

Hi, I'm Mishel, um, haven't felt like this in a long time but I love walking naked in my room after a long warm shower, and not worry about anything else. I love putting lotion on myself and feeling of the different odors I have from lotions, to perfumes, to body wash to hair wash. I love crying and crying till I have no more tears. I love listening to music and then playing my keyboard and coming up with little tunes. I love the smell of the ocean breeze and the smile of my friend Aaron when I see him. (But I'm not in love with him, at least I don't think so). I love taking math classes, science classes, and solid works ( a new engineering program that I'm addicted to right now). I love eating pizza, and eating out at Sizzlers (Stake and Jumbo Shrimp). I love at the thought of one day meeting the right man. I love exercising though I don't do so right now. ::tongue::