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15 Years Ago

I see that there are no threads started and felt that perhaps we should introduce ourself's to each other.

I am the creator of a series of Fantasy Fiction novels I am writing, called, The Tales of Netherron. And yeppers...they were based on D&D games I played in the 80's and 90's. Oppps, my age is showing.

I started playing D&D in college, and still have the orginal box set of rules and monster manuels.

The group I played with were hard core and most of us were also members of the SCA, which is Society of Creative Anachronism. Meaning...we recreated and lived medievil life from costumes and cooking, to sword play and armor. Some of our games would run 48 hrs...or more. Ahhh, what can I say, we were young, single and dreamers.

It did not take long before they elected me as the DM, because I also wrote for the school paper and could keep acurate notes. lol.

20 years later, I have turned those notes into a fantasy series, but have left the typical D&D stuff out of it. Why, because I have added depth and characters instead of just adventures and the typical dungeons, dragons, and magic users. Still, the stories have a familiar feel to them, but they are not for the Harry Potter Crowd.

Well, thats about all for now...hope to hear from some others.

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15 Years Ago

::drool:: ::cool:: Hello I am also a writer and are working on a adventure of my own of friends lost and found with new friendships of love lost and then recovered by another. a journey through the unknown and yet familier. I love D&D books my world revolves around writing I am a mother of six and well...I need an outlet and I sure am going to read your book's they sound very interesting. I would love to hear from other's alos but it seems no one is interested in this old magic writer. not personally just as a writer looking for a reader. See Ya. ::drool:: ::suprised:: ::biggrin::

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10 Years Ago

Ok, so I don't play D&D but I do enjoy writeing things with a succesion of trials, from court banter (yes it can be dangerous in some cases) to the dancelike steps of a duel, to a firey dragon or some other mythical creature. So if ya'll are offended that I don't play D&D, please tell me and I'll resign if ya'll want. Love, CreativeCookie

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8 Years Ago

Hello. I have played  D&D I've been in three campaigns, two of which didn't last a week, our DM for those was flaky. The third campaign (actually my first campaign) I was a part of for six months as a gnome cleric, though my place in the campaign was replaced because the DM's wife didn't like me due to my having a sibling like relationship with her fiance, now husband. It was the this DM that taught me how to play the game. I'm still very new to it, and there is much I don't know, as he only uses the 3.5 edition, though will allow some aspects of 4 regarding characters and creatures.

I write fantasy short stories, and poetry, but I want to one day create my own D&D campaign and if blessed enough to find the right group of players, make it into a story worth being published and shared between us all. If it does well, any profit gained will be shared among the group and everyone's names will be mentioned on it for their contributions to it.

I am actually trying to do as much research as I can, to learn everything I can about D&D from books like 'Dragonlance' that were inspired and given life from D&D. I am welcome to receiving tips and advice from any and all who may be willing to assist me in understanding D&D better as well as improving my writing skill.