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Submitting work

12 Years Ago

So how do we want to do the review process? Any ideas?

For example, do we put 3 - 4 pieces up at a time as we did in the GW?
How long should the pieces be left up (you always keep them in your personal profile and the reviews wont get lost unless you delete the work)?

I'd suggest either:

1. Only keeping the currently review works in the EGW group's display


2. Adding all writing, then add a forum thread to show whats currently up for review


How regularly and structured do we want to do this? For example on a needs only basis?--when you  feel like putting stuff up? Or do you want to have some kind of schedule which is set in advance, and say a time limit on how long a piece can be up or when you want to submit.

Thought I'd ask to find out how we want to do this and get ideas.

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12 Years Ago

I'm really open to any ideas on this.  As we talked a little about before, some of us need structure to keep motivated.  Because I have no idea just how insane things are going to be for us the rest of '08 - between hubby's job and my class, I'd like a time limit but would like 10 days to 2 weeks ideally.  I should be *able* to submit something and comment on things in a seven day cycle but I just don't know. For all I know, we'll be shipped out to CA or FL for a while.

Does seem like we should only have stuff up for review for a period of time. Doesn't mean that revised pieces can't be resubmitted, obviously.

But, whatever everyone else thinks is best - that's just my off the cuff reaction to the question.

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12 Years Ago

I like the idea of having a schedule similar to the Gotham class's to assist those of us who need deadlines. (For me, it would mean stop obsessing and submit the thing.)
I also think there should be some means for those who would rather work outside an arbitrary structure, either because they work faster or more slowly than the rest. 
So. . . .  Suggested schedule?

Suggested schedule: 2 writer's submit a week, every 4-weeks (revised #2)

12 Years Ago

Heres a suggested schedule:

  • 2 submissions per week up for workshop review
  • Each writer submits every 4 weeks.

If the class grows, say up to 12 people, maybe 3-4 submissions maximum per week.

  BOOTH Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
    11. Aug 18. Aug 25. Aug 01. Aug 08. Sep 15. Sep 22. Sep 29. Sep 06 Oct 13 Oct 20 Oct 27 Oct
1 Anya S       S       S      
2 Barney, David S S     S S     S S    
3 Lambert, Stephen   S       S       S    
4 Lawrence     S       S       S  
5 TXMoggie     S       S       S  
6 W, Pat       S       S       S
7 Yejide, Morowa        S       S       S

Having a deadline sets a target, helps kill procrastination. I'm writing a novel / novella and I think a four week cyle sets me a minimum baseline to produce, and kill the procrastination I'm prone too. Also for stories, it sets me revisions cycles to to firm up my stories to eventual completion.

This is just a suggestion, and it should be flexible, so what do you think?


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12 Years Ago

I like this schedule. I can handle this. I think the four week cycles are good. Thanks for the work you put into this Lawrence. I am actually writing a piece that is more of an article, can that be submitted even if it is not fiction?

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12 Years Ago

I would like to submit work once a month if possible. I have a strange writing habit that might not be condusive to submitting every two weeks. I'll start something, veer off course then drop it for awhile and move on to another thought. I have journals full of these ramblings. I suppose that I could submit chapters of a novel that I have put off from editing.

Maybe we could have a bi-weekly theme to write a few words about. Or perhaps we could have a week where we assist in another persons plot development or character development. Example, I need a character that displays a manipulative side, any suggestions?

It could be good fun just to leave the structure loose and full of ideas from all participants.



Opps, I reposted the right table this time (see booth table in thread above for edits)

12 Years Ago

opps. I used the wrong table, I'm still getting used to this schduling lark, anyway the new table is in the thread above. Its a month cyle, and 2 writers submit a month (the last table was wrong, but I've edited the table in the thread above and it should be right, hopefully).

I think, if for some reason you can't submit on a day, then just ignore it, or submit say midweek, I think the main thing is to AIM for a deadline, and it shouldnt really matter if you overshoot a bit or ignore it (the same happens in the GW course).


with me an article is fine, I dont know how the others think. I did the GW humor course and writers there were doing humorous essays and that worked fine. I'd be able to critique an article, I dont know however what others think.


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12 Years Ago

I think the schedule looks great and everything that's been said sounds fine to me. I see the forum as a place to discuss techniques and the like but certainly any piece someone wants to put up is fine with me.  I like poetry, essays, fiction, non-fiction, you name it.