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Manipulative character

12 Years Ago

Originally posted by Steve

Example, I need a character that displays a manipulative side, any suggestions?


I have a sibling I could describe in great detail. :P

Actually, I'm saving her for a thousand-page novel.

On a serious note: hope you don't mind me starting a new thread, Steve but thought this was a good topic for us to ruminate on.

Find the manipulators motivation - they all have one or many. My ex manipulated to get "things" and "things" filled a void for him. He was a very immature man with a mean streak a mile wide. Could go from childlike tears of frustration to screaming and violence to get his way. I guess he learned how to get what he wanted as a toddler and never developed a more sophisticated way. Manipulators, in general, always think that if they can get you face-to-face and separated from others, they'll have a better chance of getting what they want out of you.  What they want may be material or they may simply want you to agree with them so they feel validated. I find most of them never grew up emotionally.  IOW, my daughter could manipulate with the best of 'em when she was a pre-teen and teen. But as an adult, she had to learn to function on an adult level and work with people in an adult way. She grew up and does not manipulate people. If she wants something, she asks. When she was a kid, if she wanted something, she started out in left field and worked her way to the core of her desire (usually a material thing).