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Earth's Destruction

12 Years Ago

I know that I explored the question of how the Earth could possibly end in my story 'The End is Here', though that was more fantasized than anything.  It was more an exploration of the idea that the Sun could eventually expand enough to swallow up Mercury and Venus, and come close enough to the surface of the Earth to literally make the land boil. 


The idea of one man surviving all of that and eventually making his way to his own death at the hands of that massive Sun itself is ridiculous, of course, because it would have burnt away the entire atmosphere, and there would be no possible way that someone could make their way across the surface with such a force of gravity and no breatheable air.


Still, it's fun to imagine just what would happen.


So, once we have some more members here, I would like to extend the question: what exactly do /you/ all believe will destroy the Earth?