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A great idea

8 Years Ago

Muti-cultural representation in Writerscafe is a little lacking. If more have done as you have in various languages we may have more intergration of other cultures here. It matters not if don't speak french, a  portion of my family is Spanish speaking. We have a lot of friends here from India, it would be nice for them to have a group to read from the langauge of thier origins.   Sadly... I now belong to already too many groups that I have no time to participate in. Yet wanted to stop in and tell you Kudo's for your unique addition. Write On / Right On.   I'm with Admin. on Apollo Blessed and finding I even have less time to spend in WC. I love the time I've spent here and the strength of frienships... yet find the site is getting glitchy and Administration is allowing many multiple personas on here and I've found that some are even known pediphiles. There are a lot of young writers here and this to me is freaking me out as I get no responce by Admin here about this. Anyway thought to share this, some of why I'm moving my dedications to smaller more intimate site.   If any wish to investigate Apollo I will here supply a link, part of my duties are site security and Creative Content... we are striving to generate a safe location to bring forward our world views and discuss our Artistic Presence, share our love of the world of Art Created... thank you for your world contributions.     Rory CJ Frankson Admin Apollo Blessed