Elephant Words


Elephant Words is a writing website that started in last July.

The concept is simple: Every Sunday, one of the six contributing writers posts an image, and then every day till Saturday, each writer takes their turn to write a piece based on it.

The idea of the site has always been to see how many different ways different writers can see the same image, and to provide on the spot inspiration for people who find it helpful to write from a catalyst. In that spirit, we have always hoped to get as many people taking part in the challenge as possible.

This group is hopefully one way to achieve that.

Every Sunday, an image will be posted over at Elephant Words.co.uk.
We invite you to take that image and run with it. The inspiration that you take from it can be as literal or vague as you like (we're sure there are ways to cheat, but it's only the cheaters that will lose out!).

You can write as many pieces as you like, take part for as many or as few images as you wish, post your pieces here, or at the site, or on your own sites, or even just keep them to yourself. If you do post here, please indicate which image your piece was triggered by.

If you DO want to share your piece, either post it here, or send me a message.
The idea is to just get writing!

Look forward to seeing what everyone else sees, when they look at our Sunday images.

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