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This group is for those who write poetry of any genre. I am also using this Group to promote my Yahoo Group by the same name.

Welcome to Emotional Poet's Society

We are a group of writers and poets, young and old alike. We are a family friendly group and welcome anyone with a passion for writing. We only ask that you be kind to one another, read, write and do whatever your heart desires to contribute to this Group. All that we ask is that no spamming, flaming or offensive language or actions take place in this Group. This is not a chat line, this is a group for writing and making friends, or possibly reconnecting with old ones. We will not allow anyone to join without a true profile. Anyone joining with a blank profile will be considered a spammer/bot/troll and will not be allowed access to EPS.

Danielle N Calhoun
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Group Owner, Moderator

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Hello and Welcome

Danielle Calhoun

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