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11 Years Ago

You enter a dark room, lit only by 5 candles whose illumination covers
everything in a pale, ghostly aura. It is a very nondescript room,
plain, with dark walls and a single double bed in the room. Attached to the ceiling in the center of the room is a metal harness that hangs down to about three feet off the floor. It swings eerily in the pale light. Against the wall, a set of shackles hangs down and at the floor a set of leg irons gleam in contrast to the black carpet. There is a window against the far wall, but thick black curtains cover it, no light emerges. I am dressed in a flowing black robe, sheer silk. It covers me from head to ankle, pressing against my hot flesh with but a slight whisper of feeling.
Underneath I wear nothing but a pair of sheer black stockings, with 
garters and garter belt. A pair of sandals covers my feet, delicate, 
almost caressing my foot. As you enter the room, the door swings
closed behind you and latches quietly. You stand before me, dressed in a black, long-sleeved shirt, matching pants, and a pair of leather gloves, complete with metal studs. I reach out to you silently and you come closer to me. You touch my face lightly, feeling my smooth flesh. You bring your lips to mine and kiss them. They are so sweet, so soft, and so perfect. Excitement rises in me, as your hand roves over my silk clad breasts. I pull back slowly and, with one hand still on my soft face, your other hand slowly travels down my body, tracing the path from between my breasts, around my n*****s, down my stomach, and lower to my p***y. You feel my silk clad c**t, running your fingers over my opening. I moan, arch towards your hand, as my wet p***y cries out for attention. You remove your hand and look me in the eyes. You nod and draw me to the wall with the shackles. 
I look you dead in the eyes as your hands pull mine above my head and places my flesh against the cold steel. I jump at its touch. You lock it around my wrist and do the same with the other. You look at me, watching me as I watch you, arms pinned above me. You reach down and caress my throbbing p***y through my robe. Abruptly you stop and come closer to me. You reach out to me, and feel my face, you lick my hand, and rub my cheek. I draw back as if bitten and, without warning, you slap my face. I�m surprised more than hurt, my tenderness having been rewarded by a slap instead of a kiss. My face has transformed, I now look with harshness and distaste at you. You pull away and slowly draw your gloves off, placing them on the bed. You pull back the covers to reveal a collection of what could only be termed implements. Picking up an old, wooden hairbrush, You come towards me. My heart pounds, you feel my wetness seeping from my p***y trailing down my leg. You turn me around and push me roughly against the cold wall. You reach down and pull up my dress slowly, revealing my bare a*s to the cold air. I shiver in anticipation and cold. You run your palm over my tender flesh. Bending down, You kiss my a*s, letting your tongue trail over my soft crack, licking down inside until you reach my hole, You tongue there lightly. I moan, trembling. You straighten up and I hear nothing for a moment�then I feel the hard wood strike my a*s. It stings, exciting me. Another lash and I moan loudly. A third, a fourth. My a*s feels red hot now, my juices flowing down my leg. I hear you draw back for a fifth strike, but as I prepare myself, it doesn't come. Instead, I feel your lips there again, kissing me, licking my wounds, so to speak. You stand up and walk over to the bed. Like a dueler selecting his weapon, You ponder your choices. A tinkle of steel against steel sends your mind reeling. 
You walk over to me and lift my hair; I feel your hot breath on my neck, as you kiss me. You whisper in my ear, "You are not to make a sound, not a moan, nothing. Understood?" I nod. "Good little girl." You lift up my silken robe again, and my a*s is still red and somewhat hot. Slowly you pull back your arm. I tense myself and are rewarded with a stinging swipe. A cord of some kind, hard, very stiff. You begin to strike my stinging a*s repeatedly..more and more I near orgasm as you whip me. I try to keep my moans back. Biting my lip, your breaths increase. Finally at long last you stop. I�m so close to cumming, and yet I stop, so close to release, sweet release..and you halt. Almost there, but I was lacking something to push me over the edge. As you release the silk dress and it flows over my hot a*s, a moan escapes my lips. You drop the whip and turn me around forcefully. Pressing my burning a*s against the cold wall, You look into my eyes. "What did I say, s**t?" I tremble. "Twenty more lashes then. "I take a deep breath. You slowly reach up and unlock the shackles; my sore wrists begin to recover circulation. You draw me forcefully toward the center of the room. To the harness. As you stand close, I feel your hands slowly drawing the zipper down on the back of my robe. You remove it from my shoulders, and let it puddle onto the floor. 
You look at my naked body. I stare down at your bulging erection. The front of your pants are soaked. You help me step out of it and into the harness. It loops around my legs and as I lean back, latches around my waist so I�m fully supported off the ground. You look at my p***y and adjust the harness so my legs are pulled apart, exposing my wet snatch. You kneel in front of me and lick my leg.. You can taste my juices. You trail up my leg to my p***y, slowly licking the outside, and sucking all my wonderful taste into your mouth. I moan, as you delve your tongue deeper into my steaming c**t. Luckily, You don't notice my sound, as you are completely absorbed in what your doing. Inch by inch I am near cumming. Then suddenly you stop once again. I was so close, so near, I almost cry out when you pulled your head up from between my legs and stand. You look at me, and walk to the bed. I can see that once again, you are choosing another tool carefully. You pick up a nasty looking whip, with prongs at one end. I wince, and you put it down. Smiling, you pick up a black d***o, with a strap attached, and a paddle with a leather handle. Slowly you walk back to me and place the paddle on one of my breast. I feel that it has a surface like a ping-pong paddle, rough and hard. My n*****s grow harder with its touch. You take the d***o and slowly bring it down between my legs. I smile with its delicious touch as it trails along my thigh. You slowly feed it into my sopping p***y. It fills my c**t with tightness, and I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning. You push the long d***o in as deep as it will go, and while holding it in, place the straps of it round my legs. The straps serve their purpose: holding the d***o in its place, tantalizing my dripping snatch. 
Picking up the paddle, You look me in the eye. "Ready for your punishment? "You ask. I nod weakly. You turn me over in the harness so that I�m face down. The "c**k" in my c**t moves with me. You hold the paddle up and with no warning whatsoever slapping my a*s with it. The sting itself is nothing compared to the feeling of the d***o being shoved deep into my p***y for a moment, then being pushed out. You deliver another slap, allowing the same effect. My hips rise and buck to meet every slap. I try to push against something to drive the d***o deep and keep it there so that I may have release and finally cum. But you find no purchase, and it simply teases me more with every movement.
My juices soak my legs and drip onto the dark carpet below. You have lost count as to how much of your punishment is left. My a*s is red and hot, it stings deliciously. You stop and I pant hard, thrusting my pelvis into the air still trying desperately to shove the plastic c**k in cum. You grab my hips and spin me around, and face you. I look at you, struggling to f**k the plastic dick. I am filled with passion now. You rip your pants open and release your swollen c**k. You come in closer, dropping the paddle. You lift my hips up and, using my own p***y juices, coat your dick and my a*****e. Without hesitation, You shove your c**k deep inside my tight a*s. I moan, as this also thrusts the d***o deep inside of me. You start to f**k me madly, every thrust of you is pushing both your dick and the d***o deep into me. I�m closer than ever before, as you increase your speed. Suddenly I�m wracked by a mind-blowing orgasm. Wetness pours from me soaking both your c**k and my a*s. I scream and this pushes me over the edge. You begin to cum in my a*s, and quickly pull out. You jerk your c**k as you position it above me. You spurt cum on my soaking p***y and stomach. Reaching up and unlocking my hands, then releasing the top part of the harness, you lower me roughly but easily to the floor. You begin to cum on my tits, cum oozing down my stomach and joining the pool already on my p***y. You moan, as my hands find your dick and help you frantically in coaxing more cum all over my face and lips. Reaching down, You grip the d***o and ram it into my p***y, bringing on another orgasm for me, as I thrash my hips to meet your hand motions. Slowly, I begin to come back to earth, as do you. You reach down and hold out your hand. I take it wordlessly and stand. You help me out of the entangled, cum soaked harness, drawing the d***o out of my c**t, and let the whole 
mess swing in the air. You pull me to you, feeling sweat soaked bodies
push against one another. The hot cum on my breasts and c**t rubs against me and makes me shudder. You hug me close and smile, as you see that cum is everywhere on my face and in my hair. You bend down and kiss my lips, tasting yourself on them, and letting your tongue rove over my face, as you bring cum to my lips, which I swallow lovingly. You draw me to the bed and, clearing off the rest of the implements, help me to lie down. I wince as I my still throbbing a*s touches the cool sheets. I lie beside you and hug you again, our juices and sweat mixing.