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My personal understanding of the History of Dowsing!

11 Years Ago

The History of Dowsing is somewhat lost in the lands of the forgotten mists of time; Mankind perhaps used basic form's of dowsing some 8000 years ago in China and the Middle East, cave drawings have been found showing what seems to be people using dowsing tools, Dowsing like tools and pendulums have been found in the tombs and pyramids of the Egyptian Pharaohs!


Elizabeth 1 had German Dowsers look for gold and other minerals in Cornwall and other metal baring parts of England, other members of the English royal family used Dowsers to search for precious metal and any other hidden wealth.


German, Austrian and other European miners looked for precious metal deposits in the middle ages.


�Martin Luther in 1518 declared that the use of the Divining Rod violated the first command of the Bible and was the work of the Devil!�


 In 1692 a famous French Dowser called Jacques Aymer helped the French Authorities find one of the murderers of a wine merchant and his family, he first dowsed and then tracked down one of the murderers, he admitted his guilt and was condemned to death for his part in the murder, Jacques then went on to dowse and track the two other fleeing murderers to a near by river, where he lost the dowsing sent, it is thought that the murderers escaped and fled to Switzerland never returning to France!


In the 19th and 20th century dowsing has been used by most military powers to find water and perhaps other natural elements that might be useful, an example being the US Army using Dowsers to find the hidden underground tunnels of the Viet Cong!


Field Marshal  Rommel in the Western Desert in the second world war used dowsers to find new sources of water in Libya as the allies had blown up most of the know water wells while retreating from the German Army!


It is now generally accepted that most World Powers and Government use Dowsers to find water and other underground resources, Most if not all oil companies use dowsers in their exploration of uncharted regions of the World!


Given that Dowsing has possibly been around for some 8000 years or so, it comes as a surprise to me that their has never been a true Scientific research program to Prove or actually disproof that dowsing is a Scientific realty, I know that Scientific research has tried to prove that dowsing is a absolute fraud, so far it would seem that dowsing has kept it secrets well hidden and perhaps in the many years to come will gradually give up many hidden surprises, till then I personally accept that dowsing is very much a human reality that all mankind have been born with a inert hidden ability to dowse and naturally self enable themselves to find the truth hidden with in us all!