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16 Years Ago


Nickname or Alias:

Race: Human, Vampire, Lycan, Reptilian, Demon, Angel, or half breeds.

Organization/Kingdom: Who do you belong with, which clan or country are you part of?


Age appears to be:

Style :




Physical Build: (Lean, Heavy Set, Athletic, Muscled)

Dominant Hand: (Can be right, left, or ambidextrous)

Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil Paired with Neutral, Lawful or Chaotic i.e Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil)

Weapons: (What kind of weapon or weapons does your character use , if any at all ?)
Armor What kind of aromor does your character wear, if any ? )

Clothing: (What kind of clothing does your character wear if any ?)

Special Abilities: (What makes your character special? There is is a 3 limit to the types of abilities chracters have.)
Skills What can your character do, what does your character know?)
Magic: (What kind of magic does your character use? [Arcane or Divine >?)

Character Persona

Special Features: (Scars, tattoos, markings, wings , etc. )

Personality: (What is your character like? Personable? Quiet? Shy? Loud, always cracking jokes? Leader or follower.)


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16 Years Ago

Name: Autumn Avaritia

Race: Vampire
Age: 4000+

Age appears to be: 17

Hair: midback
Color: midnight black
Style : straight

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130lbs

Physical Build: skinny
Dominant Hand: ambidextrous

Alignment: Neutral

Weapons: sword
Clothing: black leather pants and a black sleeveless shirt.
Special Abilities: healing, and summoning

Character Persona: Can be nice when she wants to be

Special Features: wings
Personality: annoying
Background/History: Unknown

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16 Years Ago

Name: Abariel Avaritia

Nickname or Alias: None

Race: Human, Vampire.

Organization/Kingdom: Vampyre Haven
Age: 5,000 + years

Age appears to be: 47

Color: White
Style : Floor length

Eyes: Tujrquoise

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110

Physical Build:Lean,

Dominant Hand: ambidextrous
Alignment: (Good,
Weapons: Sword(Injustice) Daggers( Justice, Fear, Hope) Claws, Fangs

Clothing: Floor length violet dress made of velvet.

Special Abilities: Wings, claws ,fangs(vampyric)
Skills Fighting skills
Magic: Arcane

Character Persona

Special Features: Wings, Claws Fangs

PersonalityQuiet, Leader

Background/History: Was raised on an island in the south of france where I had been an orphan raised by pureblood vampyres because my parents also pureblood vampyres had been killed by lycan's and humans alike. I have spent my days looking for the humans and lycans that killed my parents When and if I ever find them I will drain them of blood after torturing them.
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16 Years Ago

Name: Darknite

Nickname or Alias: Dark

Race: Shani

Organization/Kingdom: I belong to no one

Age: in suspended animation

Age appears to be: 24

Hair: short
Color: black
Style : wavey

Eyes: blue

Height: 6'0

Weight: 135

Physical Build: Lean

Dominant Hand: left

Alignment: Lawful good
Equipment: smoke bombs
Weapons: Twin great swords, and elemental armor

Clothing: tunic and muscle shirt

Special Abilities: teleportation, flight
Skills elemental
Magic: divine
Character Persona

Special Features: none

Personality: Leader, very logical

Background/History: a nine tailed fox had devastated our race, and the remaining population captured the fox, a civil war broke to decide the fate of the fox, eventually, the planet was destroyed, but i was able to get to earth before that, so now im the only one left of my race

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16 Years Ago

name: someone
alias: arthingon savioriuos
race: vampire
clan: clan canta anarcho
age: 5901
age apears: 25
hair: short
color: black
eyes: ice blue
wt: 180
build: athletic
equipment:uses throwing knives and a rapire
clothing: fine lether pants silk shirts and a black cloak with a blood red inner lining
Abilitys: shape shifting, blood call
magick: arcane
skills: lockpicking
persona: loves and takes anything made of gold, friendly and protective
history: leader of a thieves guild and will kill for gold