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Guiding the Flock

13 Years Ago

We were lost sheep,

 Floundering in the fields,

Wandering aimlessly about

Without a safe haven

To come home to

When lo…a lovely Shepard

Appeared through the mist

Beckoning us

 To follow her and all

Would be well


Thank you Tina

Your flock is

Warm and safe

Thank you for guiding

Us safely to our

New home.



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13 Years Ago

What a very beautiful thing to do Bea - I have so missed your warmth and easy kindness. Actually this is timely as I just noted Fairplay has joined and have sent his invite to the group and was reminded of that movie 'Field of Dreams'... "If you build it, they will come."

Viper and Pen were the triggers to this action and we looked at a few venues for our re-uniting... after a whole morning of research (!! time is always limited!!) we opted for this site that Pen knew.

I love this forum feature and have made use of the photo section on my profile to introduce my little family ...and am sure I will one day know the site well enough to feel comfortable throughout it - for the time-being, baby steps and our little haven here in the group, mean I feel much happier.

I said to Viper and Bea that the only poetry I have ever written was written as a result of being mused by words on Lit - in comments or writings. I have been somewhat empty without the words of my Lit friends- the community we built was as real as any to me.

Love & Namaste,

Tina xxx

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13 Years Ago

Ah, but this is nice, Ms. Bea.


Reads like invitation and tribute to the shining light that is Tina.  Strange thing about leaving the other site is that I didn't realize how much I missed reading the work of its members. 

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13 Years Ago

Hush that shining light stuff!! lol

It was a collaboration that created this little rendez-vous destination.. Pen & Viper started the ball rolling.


Delighted you are here with us Francisco - I have to confess (after reading a comment you made elsewhere here) that I too thought you were Lena for a while - but hey, I got so confused I thought at one stage that it was all a joke and that maybe I was the only other player in some strange game.




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13 Years Ago


It would be ...will be... nice to forget and move on,  I have a long memory and quite a collection of email IDs from lit. One in particular for a dead person...his ? mail still gets received... though he never replies.

I was amused that poor ill Lena still found time (even too ill to post on Lit.org)  somehow to find the strength to remove me not only from Lit.org but from all her web/photo sites MSN etc.

I always knew who the ones I saw in "Real Time" were, What I didn't always know is all the other roles they played..... Lena was so pleased to show herself to me as if it proved a singular identity... Of course there are some that go way back with her linking up to produce stuff..... Let's call it Artistic Licence

Maybe I was just too bloody nosey and should of played along with the game.... the game for me was not playing along with it but more often appearing to

I was never outright nasty just truthful. I must have hit on some ones nerve (or rather truth) to have gotten so meticulously deleted in my entirety from Lit.org....a fact that I see now as a victory...... They retreated crawled back into their rotten woodwork.

I do notice that nothing is  mentioned now about "The past" on Lit.org and claims are being made it is getting stronger and stronger...as if !!! Lena hasn't even mentioned her illness since the given date of her "Operation" neither I might add has anyone asked after her health.... publicly

Anyways I am sure they know what I think of them by now......

Before I bore the living daylights out of the ones that have so far found their way over here...... I hope all the genuine artists here have a great time. I do have a number of contacts from Lit.org. but also anyone with a current Lit.org membership will of course be able to log into Lit.org (now it has once again been repaired) and send PMs to any of the existing members for which they may receive notification of by email... even if they no longer post.........

S**t on and still smiling...... sounds like a Common or Garden British Soldier........



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13 Years Ago

Really, Tina?  Which comment?


I admit I used to defend her but eventually arrived at the conclusion she was beyond help.  I do remember once questioning Pen's motives and wish I hadn't.  I did send her a PM apologizing for it.


I have always wished Lena well and will continue to do so.  She's not quite out of my life as she's since shown up on another site I frequent.  Stuart too.


Glad I am here amongst honest and talented folk.

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13 Years Ago

Hi Eric...re your comment that you can still sent pm's to people and they will be notified...I'm not sure...have to ask Bob, but I KNOW she reads pm's, and I would think she would delete them before any notification can be made.


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13 Years Ago

Bea -- are you sure she reads PMs?  How do you know?

Looking into some legal possibilities regarding my missing work and PMs, and any info you could provide would be appreciated.

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13 Years Ago

As far as I know you can't read or open up someone's PM's- At least I never did or even attempted to. - But a coder can like Chris-but I doubt that he does or would let lena do something like that- But I wouldn't put it past her - she is very resourceful and if there is a way she'll find out how to do it.All you need to do is get the password of the member and open up the files in the admin boards- but chris made that hard to do- It use to give yusef's coder (the previous owner )nightmares- My convoluted answers is  Yes it's possible- if she gets adept at the admin boards with chris's help she can do anything on the board. she's already learned to use those boards-she just took away 10 I gave bobby7l for a poem countering her Mary poem- My guess is she and Stuart are trying to learn the admin boards so they no longer need to rely on chris- Right now they are changing servers -Lit's code will probably be changed to a more user friendly one- When that occurs I'd Say they will throw Chris to the wolves- but what do I know...



my warmest


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13 Years Ago

Viper...I have no concrete proof that Lena reads pm's, but I'm not the village idiot and I have seen her hint at conversations that I have had with people via pm messaging!

That was just before her tirade...no...complet breakdown to me for defending Francisco and Tammy...and later, remarking that she knew members were pm'ing each other trashing her!  Then immediately after, she abused not only me, but Pen and Tina.  She almost had apoplexy on that one!  I was just concerned that she would turn on Bob, for the private message I sent to him.

I rest my case!