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Our first attack!

13 Years Ago

Posted yesterday by She-who-must-not-be-named . . .

Mary's House & Garden

by TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo (Admin) - published: January 29, 2009
© Copyright by TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo


Oh Mary, Mary, and the quite contrary

your home for the banished grows...

We are so grateful that you have taken

the pests from our garden, our village

slow, as turtles go, but in truth the

hares so quick to blow to your slide show,

are nothing but rats with big ears and

long teeth that like to bite the hands

that feed them...

Thanks to Mary our garden is clean of rodents,

and vermin, and our new greens so fresh and

clean are flourishing and growing, our flowers

bloom, there is no gloom, our village will soon

have massive fields and a harvest of talent

greater than it has ever seen...

Thank you Mary, we are so grateful to you,

we wish you well, and hope your house does

not get too scary, for we have heard from

your own kin that ghosts abide within,

the poltergeist kind that like to

play games, and like to spin and spin...

The End.

(poor Mary)

Deliciously venomous, isn't it?  Somehow she seems to know about the group and there are hints she knows who's in it.  Let's try not to feed her paranoia, but rather continue making this the merry place we all want it to be!

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13 Years Ago

Ah, she misses us x

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13 Years Ago

I too saw it yesterday- it gave me a laugh- I got a Pm from bobby7L  at Literary Mary's- He thinks its about Lit Mary -being I'm on there as well-(*she's quite pissed at me-believes I betrayed her) I told him about us so hopefully he'll be here soon. Isn't it a hoot that this Queen Troll is still heard.  

The only reason I'm not deleted out is because I'm the idiot who let her back in- But I believe soon it'll gnaw at her bones and she'll strike me off Lit.


If it is about us then viva ex-lit..



my warmest


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13 Years Ago

Hey you Guys, are you leading me down the garden path?

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13 Years Ago

As in the garden of eden?

Not a chance, Ivor.  We're leading you AWAY from the snake.


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13 Years Ago

Tina, this is hysterical!   I just sent you an e-mail re this.  Thought you were all banned and couldn't sign in!

I'm dying to know who the "kin" is that's feeding her the info!

I'm sure that I'll be next on the banning list!   As far as the "flourishing numbers", I'm sure she's padding the count under 50 different names!  And what of her so called operation, she sounds pretty feisty for someone who is deathly ill.  (Having said that though, I'll feel awful if she really is seriously ill!)  I wonder who else knows we are on here that would tell her!

Damn....we joined here to get away from her...and here we are ...still talking about her....I guess she really is a witch!

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13 Years Ago

Lena is not seriously ill-for her it's a big deal -but medically it's not serious or life threatening- She does pad the numbers- big time-On her threads you'll notice she is always high in the count- she has a lot of time on her hands- but she does know how to stir the pot and market a product.

I doubt she has someone telling her things intentionally- she is a hound on the Internet-probably searches and goggles each and every one of our names to find out where we are- But who cares what she thinks- Lit is no longer our nesting ground-



my warmest







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13 Years Ago

Energy follows attention.
So, moving on.. :)

I'll tell you all, right here, right now, that twat ruined lit.org for me. I was there from damn near day one, always a big supporter of Chris and his vision- I feel robbed, betrayed, angry, and sometimes I wonder just how I could possibly make her feel what I have felt these last couple of weeks. Of course, then I remember that I have better things to do with my time than worry about what some spineless troll has bubbling in some freaky cauldron way the f**k over in whereversville.

Such as... Writing more, improving my style, connecting with interesting people whose views and opinions I value. So, while I get it, and as Thufir Howat said "the first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence", all I can really say about her spiteful screed is that we should just let it roll off, like water from a duck's back. F**k her and the pox-ridden horse she rode in on.

*ahem* sorry if I offend, but it is my way. I don't hold back, because then the venom hurts ME. Just thought I'd chime in, ya?

...bitter, sweet

13 Years Ago

Rogan - your words, passion and anger are mine too. There is a hurt as well at the loss of what was.


Like so much though, it is only as things crumble that we find what was worth having.


I think of Lena like bad politicians - if I give them attention, they are nourished - no matter the form of that attention.


I rarely write to the bad politicians anymore because I get upset by their heartless, self-serving, so-far-removed-from-reality replies, or silences. Now I write and thank those I perceive as doing right and 'feed' them my energy and passion. I get replies that light me, earn my respect, that bring me to tears and renew my faith that there is good out there that is working hard for the greater good.


Time is so limited and when I have some - I love to swim with the names I see in this group list... here I am nourished. For me, the downfall of our era at Lit is bitter-sweet ...and you are all my indulgent sweet xxx

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13 Years Ago

Crap poem.


Actually I joined LM last spring because I was in one of my bored-with-lit moods.  And then lit crashed and I suddenly missed it.  Left Mary 'cos one of the admins was getting her undies bunched up because I questioned someone who only commented on one of my posts by writing he didn't like centered poetry.  Nothing else.  Didn't want issues with them so I left.


It says a lot of what we initially felt for Lena that we still focus so much time on her.  Reminds me of a favorite quote:  "I never loved you enough to hate you."  Think we all cared enough about her to feel her betrayals deep in our bones.  Wrote the following after one of our many exchanges - which I believe upset Rogan's enjoyment of the site.  Sorry Ro, I understood the point you were making but wrong time, wrong phrase.


Last angry song


F**k you for your

Flat-footed allegiance to

Dead-end streets � where

God don�t love yellow-eyed

Bores with zippers caught

In f****t teeth.


F**k you for your

Blind conclusions;

For an idealism that borders

A borrowed humility you sold with

The same fingers you dug

Your grave with.


F**k you and your crippled karma,

Your false ambitions for a self

Unfamiliar with a bilious acceptance of

All things new.

You lie to the devil because

He don�t want you.


You like to yourself because

You don�t love you.


And neither do I.

But, mostly, f**k you for

Making me write this about you.


(11 Nov. 2008)


Shannon's the only one who's read it, til now.


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13 Years Ago

Damn fine poem -- you should post it.

sorry for being nice.  :)

Honestly, if I hated it I'd either tell you so or ignore it -- depends on the mood, my friend.

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13 Years Ago

Thanks Michael.


Read the Mary poem this morning and had a knee jerk reaction to it.  After commenting here I sent her the following:


Mary poem
sent to [info]karmatsering
Are you really so hateful you have to post poems about people you feel betrayed you? Look in the mirror, Lena; you're not above anyone else. How many times did you post comments where you attacked people for what happened in the past?

LiteraryMary may not be what lit used to be, but, with the wonderful writers that have recently joined, you better believe it is going to eclipse anything lit can ever be. Lit's death is your fault. Banning people and deleting their comments will not change the past. All it does is turn the site into a personal playground with you as its immature bully.

Hope your lama is not aware of your silly behavior.

Dropped in and noticed there are two week's worth of poems on front page. And most of it is crap. That speaks volumes.
Not sure why I bothered, since I am not on Mary. She can't reply to this message because I blocked her from communicating with me.  Stuart too.