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The Mary Thread...

13 Years Ago

For Mary, gardens, refugees and prose
growing worlds and thorns on a rose
For ears and teeth and venom’s sting
hands that bleed and rats that bring
their harvests here to us
...I give thanks for the exodus

For gratitude and wishing wells
Scary houses where ghosts do dwell
For kith & kin imaginings
ghoulish games that spin and bring
their inspiration here to us
...I give thanks for the exodus

For pastures new and voices loud
For precious passions and smaller crowds
For new beginnings that are as Spring
For the yet-to-be discovered things
For all that has been till now
For all, it has been worthwhile

...I give thanks for our exile

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13 Years Ago

Sticks and stones may hurt my bones

And the serpents bite may sting

But the ramblings of that silly drone

Are just frustrated mutterings!

Mary’s garden is in full bloom

It’s tended very well

We feel like we’re in Heaven

While Lit’s gone straight to hell!