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14 Years Ago

Hey folks...good news (at least for me!)

I've received confirmation that my story...CHILDHOOD VIGNETTES - Part 1-The Early years, is on the short list for the Tom Howard Poetry & Prose contest, (One of the few really legitimate contests out there, as recommened by Poets &Writers magazine and Winning Writers.com.

They said that only one in five entries, are selected to go on to the finals, so as you can guess...I'm over the moon...particularly since it's the first contest I've ever entered my work, other than on my Poetry sites.

I doubt if I would go on to win (cash prize by the way!) but I'm so happy I made it this far.  Gives me an incentive to finish Part 2 - The War/High School years.

keep your fingers crossed for me!


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14 Years Ago

Congrats, Bea.  Couldn't happen to nicer or more talented person. 


I personally never believed in entering contests.  Couldn't even see myself entering the write off on lit - although competing against Shannon would have been interesting.  I would have gladly lost to him.


Fingers crossed would mean I have little faith in your abilities.  But, if it'll help, I'll cross'em all for you.