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5 Years Ago

                                                                    Chemistry in actuality
Good morning, my name is jon and i will be discussing how chemistry is in our lives. What is chemistry? It is the study of change,structure and properties of matter. What is matter, matter is form and takes up space(two people cant be in the same space at once). It has rest mass(you standing still) also.  Matter can be molded(evolution or growth of man from birth to death) as well. Let us start with the atom. The concept of the atom is that it cant be divided(cant escape yourself). Within it, there is an electron cloud(a bunch of negativity,people who have plans opposite of yours) that surrounds the nucleus(you) which is made up of protons and neutrons which cancel each other out(you remaining neutral). These atoms when they come into contact with other atoms form bonds(relationships between you and another human being). It takes energy to keep a bond together(relationships require both people to put work in) and so energy is therefore released when the bond is broken. You have different types of bonds just like in other organisms, you have different types of relationships that range from even to uneven(mutualism,commensalism,parasitism). These different types of bonds that are in atoms as well as humans are ionic bonds which is one atom basically having more pull then the other(unbalanced relationships). You have also covalent bonds which is atoms sharing electrons(balanced relationships between people). All relationships again range from even to uneven, a relationship between two people can never be completely uneven cause then there would be no relationship just like two atoms together cant be completely ionic. Now moving on, a compound (two or more people,two or more atoms) have two types of relationships;first is the homonuclear relationship which is both atoms being the same(people just like you) or two or more atoms being different(people different from you).  These compounds make up molecules(groups of people,freinds etc). these molecules make up chemical substances and mixtures(larger groups). Now there are different phases of substances, the ones we know all to well are liquid(an organization or group that doesnt have a rigid hierarchy,instead anybody can take on any role,thus the concept of fluidity), a gas which is atoms moving rapidly with  just absolutely no structure(organizations or groups with no purpose except for violence and chaos). You then have the last phase which is a solid(organizations and groups that are extremely rigid, hierarchical and have purpose etc). On an individual scale, you have solids(stable people) liquids(semistable) and gases(unstable). Everything ranges from unstable to stable and vice versa. You have melting points(points where you just fall apart) and you have boiling points(points where you just blow up). Now there are transitions between theses 3 states. If we start with solid and go from there to liquid, this means that we have become more unstable due  to pressure(surrounding influences of peers etc) and temperature(feelings of others). It is the same thing for all other transitions. Every action has a equal or opposite reaction. This is just a glimpse of how chemistry is related to life. One can figure out the finer details by careful examination of his experiences.
          thank you