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New Writer here!!!!

3 Years Ago

Hey guys, new guy here. Looking forward to reading your stories and hoping to get some feedback. Slight *note* my story is fantasy but it's kinda slow so please be patientwith it. Thank you!!!!!

Re: New Writer here!!!!

6 Months Ago

Me too. I only have ONE fantasy work. It is also my first ever novel and I'm terrified that it will be less than a masterpiece, which I personally find unacceptable for this story idea, simply because I believe this idea deserves better. If only I am worthy to meet the challenge.

I hope to help you on your journey as I need help on mine. I did post my first chapter already, along with the poem that is the book's foundation concept.

Welcome to us both!

Wanda (the Wingnut) Vergara-Yates