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11 Years Ago

Of course we must have the cliched intro forum thread... But lets make it fun. Introduce yourself in an epic fashion, like a movie trailer or something. So I'll start us off:

Warning: this may be terrible beyond all belief.

Just when you thought it was safe to let your children out after dark...

Meet Azalee Schmetterling, with her black pen and notebook she conjures into existence the creatures of nightmare, the poetry of the living, and just about anything else. She scouts about the planet attempting to come up with new inspiration for her art. Unfortunately she has met with her arch nemesis Writer's Block. Watch as she struggles with this foe and attempts to vanquish it with determination and ink. Will Writer's Block win leaving Azalee at a loss for ideas, or will she overcome all odds and scrawl out the work of the century on his grave?

Ok so that was my pitiful attempt...now it's your turn.