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Haiku Stream

12 Years Ago

Void within without

Simple mind perceiving lies

Work thru the secret


Sudoku to see

Complex surrounding puzzle

True reality


Light velocity

Hyperdimensional form

Matrix of strings sings


Into existence

Mass, charge, spin, forces within

White noise, static, havoc!


Comprehend haiku

Calligraphy, zen with me

Tao lucidity


Uncertain precept

Following logically

The battle begins


Silent murder need

Samurai philosophy

Assassins creed cry!


Warrior facing

An uncertain enemy

Allows no mercy


Knowing only me

No brakes, no steering, I drive

Driven to exceed


Bend the bars with me

Together seek the one key

Open mindbox free


Hello! Good morning!

Welcome to reality!

No cage, box, or key!


Emotional seeds

Intellectual beliefs

Spiritual hearts


Surrounded by weeds

The secretheart garden starts

With the seeds I feed


Who planted the weeds?

Responsibility is

Free will given me


What could we achieve?

If together we weeded

Humanities dreams


Species destiny

Perhaps true world wide peace

Maybe I'm crazy


Remember each day

The true choices we all face

In our secret space


Garden of the heart

Where the dreamseeds sown twine roots

Into the bedrock


Reaching to the sky

Heartroots take hold of the stars

How far can we go?


If we can believe

It is up to you and me

Haiku streaming


Repeating Silence

Echo's in your memory

Lyrics in your head