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12 Years Ago

What is it to speak?  We do it on a regular basis and commonly non stop through out most of our days.  But are we speaking with out true voice, the voice inside our heads or are we using a filtered system of words.  This filter of ours would take out any ideas and thoughts that may be misunderstood or looked down upon, even taking out thoughts that may simply be too long.  But this filter is not of our own doing, it is the doing of the years we have been taught to filter these complicated things out to speed the process of conversing up.  I do not consider this filter our inner voices.

            I found my inner voice through my writing, I noticed I never spoke the way I wrote and at first I was negative on the fact.  I thought that my writing was fake, something I cooked up to fool those around me with intelligence and wit.  I have a different view on my writing now and I must say it is the more logical of the two.  I found my voice.  The safety of writing allowed me to use the words I wanted, phrases I created, and ideas I concocted.  I have been writing for about 6 years now and have had many ideas written with my voice, phrases obtained and simple word placement that I was quite frankly afraid to use in my speech.  After these years of writing, I have finally realized I slowly but sure have been breaking down that filter we all build as we grow.  My speech has slowly become more of my own voice, and I have noticed some amazing things.  The reactions I receive are vastly different then before I started this transformation of voice to the world.  Before I began, my attitudes towards the world were be quiet, speak when spoken to, and only say as much as I need.  I was treated with disrespect, distaste, and a flat out unaccepted aura.  I was an unhappy, voiceless boy.

            Now being the man I am, I realized my mistakes and I changed them.  I speak with as much of my true voice I am capable of at the moment, and the results have made my life something different on hundreds of levels.  My explanations are my own, with my own wording, and my own ideas, thoughts and feelings within them.  People respect my words and listen intently; my charisma on topics inspires belief or acceptance. 

            I implore anyone who has read this, and understood the importance of finding their voice and using it, to do so.  People will know, on some instinctual level that this is YOU speaking, not some filtered drone you created to adapt to the world.  And they will if they can return the favor to you, and a connection that is not commonly made in the world today will be made.  It is a marvelous connection to make, so make it.  I say screw this adaptation and make our own.  We, thanks to our technology, have risen to the top of the food chain.  Our evolutions from here are up to us, if we want them bad enough and push for them isn’t it logical they will happen?  Bodies change, minds change to better equip us for the things we do.  If we do these things out of willingness, wouldn’t our bodies and minds eventually change to fit these actions?  They would not be needed for survival but for every day life.  A change would be needed, and would happen.  Make it happen.

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