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Fine literature : Forum : understanding Humanity is my w..

understanding Humanity is my way of life

12 Years Ago

Peaceful I have become, so look for me standing close to mankind tree of grace. Caring I have become, so follow my good deeds in the means of comfort and relieve. I'm the true Quintessence with a little flare of radiant Japanese. I'm the true thought of Unique perfection in which to be supernatural Buoyancy. Call me, Rayshawn deangelo Hughes or designation, because you can feel me through the four corners of the time and space infinity.   Look it’s a bird or maybe a plane; however Truthfully it’s a mother holding her new born child through God’s Unidentified Aka mysterious eye's. Please believe me, I only want the two females I deeply love to be royalty Queens. Understand me with Harmony! Understand me with darling kansou, pense! More of all understand me as man would learn and speak the way of the heart. Jisshitsu is the word in which i will call you, so babygirl open the doors for your own Humanity with me ,this one time. Personality i feel that i have sole the pain of the lost, never the less, the lost tells me ideals of true Humanity

I hope i sue the problems before its ever to late
I hope you as a mankind remember we started with nothing, so don't be afraid to have nothing.
I hope you as a society stop this craving to pay/buy to live a dream
I wish to be the world essence so i can be free of the way of life in which i see everyday, because I'm force to follow and not lead. 

if you open your eyes then maybe you would know, life was never meant to be this ugly.
Lasty, why i can't i spend my whole life alive and not working to have a better false reality: I end by saying, "you people will never understand."