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Hi there... or getting startet

16 Years Ago

Hi there,

just came back from a creative vacation and noticed that wco is now offering grouping. And since I'm a German trying to write English, I thought, wouldn't it be a good thing to get all the Foreign Writers at one table to chit chat about writing, ideas, technics, tipps, hints or how bright the sun shines today in little munic.

I must confess, I'm not the havey forum user, but perhaps I find a few helpers on the way :-)
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15 Years Ago

I don't know if this group is dead or not, so maybe this can be considered as an attempt to bring this group back to life.

I like being a foreign writer, makes me feel kinda special :)

Dutch is my nationality, and i've been learning English now for almost 5 years.. However.. people never notice I am not a native speaker, in my writings that is. I do have an accent, but it's not a bad one, though, i'd like to get rid of it :P.
Hope to see more posts in here soon :)