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experience exchange

15 Years Ago

Hi Folks,

ok, honestly I had nearly forgotten about this little group I founded a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. So I was surprised to witnessed two new members :-) Welcome to the group. So I'd like to invite you to exchange and share the experience you made writting in a foreign language.

And as moderator of this group I - of course - take the start :-)

I wrote a few stories so far. From the feedback I received, it seems more the grammar and misspelling problems that really caught attention :-) A common problem and I fear, the more often I read something I wrote the less things I overlook. Anyone else knows what I'm talking about?

For trial I started blogging on English. Its mostly about my personal approaches on writing, my projects and some story-bits that fell of my mind. It can be found via my MySpace and I invite everone of you to dare a glimpse :-) (

Still I got a long road ahead, what about you?