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Life's clocks take all away - Julius Fann, Jr

1 Year Ago

Men climb the backs and ride the thought wave of other men and advance those thoughts according to their human indoctrination, teachings, beliefs, and discoveries. But how can one see, in one's mind's eye, that which has been revealed to another person's soul? Speculation takes away the simplicity of the precise definition of thought confirmation because confirmation can never be confirmed when one is unaware of what lies in darkness.
There is no thought, vision, principle, law, or pattern to reason the logic why man is the materialization of the Word Thought "Let there be." There are no conditions in, nor of these word thoughts, that affirm the simplicity of "And there was" even when standing on the shoulders of others to see over the mountaintop. And every move a person will make, whether walking the streets of evolution or creationism or running highways for or against demons or saints living in the by-ways of selflessness or selfishness, all these activities are moves of faith one believes will permanently give them power over their situations, circumstances, conditions, and others, in some form or manner, as they seek a long and successful run to reach the destination and goals they have set for themselves.
One will discover eventually, however, when their clock sitting within the circle of living within the framework of materialism makes the full rotation, they will not be able to touch and eliminate the hand of death that takes away their human psychological thoughts, beliefs, and plans by returning them to the infinity of this omnipresent life that is the cause of them not being stillborn.
Build up your resistance to the order of life, it doesn't matter. Build your castle of contrary thinking for or against natural selection and creation, and reject the seeds of visions others see in visions of their Spirits, life doesn't give one hoot, hoot, hoot, for it is only about the business of infinity, and will take you and all you are about here in this time, space, distance, and form away.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa