From Trailer to story


Have you ever seen a movie trailer and got really excited by the story that they promised?

The actual story just didn't meet your expectations, or worse, didn't match what the trailer promised at all?

A couple of examples
trailer: Vampirism is used by the government to create a team of super soldiers but when politics make them unwanted, they're killed off. The lone survivor strikes back.
Movie: Vampirism is like the cold, society is paranoid to the point of being sterile. and there's a courier and a kid. and fighting.

Star wars episode one
trailer: A child is found strong in the force and then the jedi order has to defend the boy against the Sith or the balance of power will shift. with a backdrop of galactic war.
Movie: I don't even know how to summarize it. But Anakin was an afterthought.

Star wars Episode two
Trailer: Forbidden love blooms and as our jedi hero falls for his lady love, we are shown why Jedi are not allowed to love.

Movie: Things happen, there's a forced romance, an army of disposable soldiers is found.

You get the idea.
Any trailer you find is up for the rewrite; make it yours but follow the trailer's promised story. Ignore the movie entirely, only draw your inspiration from the trailer.

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