I've always wanted to group up the kids that not only love to write, but live to create beauty and art and when some you love reads the thing you poured your heart into you cry when they tell you it was the best peace of art they've ever read and probably will ever read, and take them and have each one of them wirte a story and some where in their story the whole groups or just one member or two stories will fuse with theirs.
For a better explantion, if some of my friends -say mabye 4- and I got together and wrote seprete stories, any where in eather of our stories the others will meet. If you are intrested in this group and have no idea what I'm trying to say give me a message and I'll explane it better when Im not blocked.
one more thing: copyright is the main thing! at any time you fuse a wirters work you must give them a copyright.

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