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How Far is Too Far?

9 Years Ago

I'm writing a YA novel, and it is, in my mind, a Christian novel. It's a fictional story of a girl who was raped and struggles with her faith afterward.

Here's the thing: I don't want my book to be a fuddy, pushy, Christian book. I want it to appeal to both Christians and non-Christians.

Some people in one of my writing classes told me it was too graphic/violent to be considered "Christian"--because of the rape (I did describe what she was going through, but it wasn't, like pornographic or anything. I think they just felt it was too heavy of a subject). I thought about it and decided I'm ok with that. I'd rather it be real.

What are your thoughts? Do you have the same sort of questions about your writings?

Re: How Far is Too Far?

9 Years Ago

I do not think that just because there is detail about her rape means the book is non-Christian. It makes the subject more real and brings it to light. you have a very good plotline. I want to see where you are going with it.

Re: How Far is Too Far?

8 Years Ago

Do what you believe in, and try to spread the word!

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