That one day a group of writers will start this unique, unprecedented pen-work business.

"Writers" and "Potential Investors" may read the 24 page business plan on

The idea of producing and selling Gift-Story Books is quite unprecedented. However, as a business plan, it does have a primary potential to include a vast spectrum of customers: children who expect a unique birthday present, dating people who might have a requirement to express a particular feeling or opinion, or even those thoughtful parents who wish to be aided in conveying indirect messages to their younger family members.
I believe this plan will provide a dynamic field of activity for young writers all around the globe and will open gates to a new environment of practical literature. I believe it’s time for this ancient heritage of human being, for “writing”, to step down on the streets, sell itself to the hearts and minds of every ordinary passenger and boastfully unveil another feature of its sustaining entity.
The first time I decided to seek for investors for this particular plan was 2008, but it all ended up in cold disappointment, since the place was “Iran”, where I am still living, and … .
My very basic structural views of the overall procedure of this job are collected in a Plan Summary on
It’s a DREAM for me to be a member of this company when it starts to bring this modern idea into practice and develops towards maturity; nevertheless, if any group of you “writers” find this plan practicable and useful and you manage to find an investor out there in the free world, please keep in mind that I do WISH YOU LUCK, heartily.

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