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4 Years Ago

                   # 51
------- Her shadow touched me and she placed
an orchid there.   As the aroma of Sweet Magnolia
blossoms filled the air her scent rent the
morning with noetic license and tantric delight.
We went hand in hand to the waterfall where we
played with each other in the shallows, teasing ,
pleasing then she ran.
She ran and I walked away.  She thought of my
fnger tips ,how they were wont to play, to tickle
here and caress there and touch the  forbidden
fruit.  How she would raise her too me, tempting
see she loves you, taste me , kiss, kissss, kissssss.
Then, a taste, no more and I was gone ---------
Testing the currant wine, how delicious, thinking
of what would be waiting for me.  The scent and
the Melody, her singing--- I will make her a violin,
what a great idea and she will breathe on the
Golden Trumpet and call mankind to the feast as
I ply her with the currant .
Looking through those eyes of Chocolate cherry
through and into her very soul, her eyes are dreamy
now and the heat is rising between our creativity
and all that we can dream, when she feasts those
eyes on mine, I burn from within.
Returning, she is gone-----but a call from deep in
the deepest jungle, for me , calling me to come .
There she is in a bower, my Darling, beckoning me
and I come.   We  recline as one in the filtered light
I touch her tenderly, just the tips and then so soft,
almost delicately and lips  wet  and parted , but
we wait----- when the moment does arrive will have
been a cause celebre we drink of our bodies and
eat at the feast of  a  terrible hunger delayed.
I tear myself away to fish--- and she follows, she
brushes slowly past me finds a place to rest and
smiles from a slight distance, giving notice that
when she is open, the delights will blind me with
a consuming passion unknown to any man before.
Smiling in return--- I think I have a bite and start to
reel in the fish, but will this be the end ?
It may become a fishing derby, but we may adjourn ------------
-----Eagle Cruagh
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