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Thank you

10 Years Ago

For all those marvelous poems and memberships that this group has acquired over such a small amount of time.
I didn't think that people would join in, but I guess I was wrong. Don't consider me as some "boss"or "head"of this group or anything. I'm just the guy who pressed "save"and the rest is up to you guys. Of course, should there be any problems with you and some member, you can message me, and I will listen out both sides before deciding on anything drastic, but if you can manage it between yourself in a peaceful way, I don't see the need to contact me. If I don't approve your poems immediately, it's because I don't have time to be online so be patient, every poem will find her place here. In the mean time, you can help this group by getting as many people as possible to join (that are interested) and let's get this group on the track.
Your writing is marvelous and when I return home (from Slovakia) I shall read every one of those submitted poems. Keep up the good work and stay positive!

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