Gothic-Romanticist In A Post-Modern World


Deep down inside do you have a taste for Romantism with a tinge of the Super Natrual, Occult, Mystery, Death, Dark Art, Castles, The search for the inner true self and the late Romantic-Victorian Age.

If you like works by Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Radcliffe, Horace Walpole, Matthew Lewis, Nathanial Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Bram Stoker, The Bronte Sisters, Robert and Elizabeth Browning, Lord Alfred Tynneson, Lord Gordon Byron, Pollidori, Marryat, Sheridan Le Fenu, Anne Rice, but never Stephanie Meyers.

If you crave unbridged titles like Fall of the House of Usher, Vernie the Vampire, Blood of the Vampire, Vampyre, Dracula, The Monk, The Moor, The Horror at Oakendale Abbey, Jane Erye, Wuthering Heights, Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, and Intervew with a Vampire.

Then you may be a Gothic-Romanticist living in the Post-Modern age and this group may be for you.

This is a group about learning and sharing with others. I am the Moderater, but you may call me Duane. I am more of an editor than a writer. However, I am a soon to be English undergrad and I plan seeking the masters there after.

Submitting work. Please do not rob Stephanie Meyers. Scholars, like me, do not consider anything she has done yet great and the audience has has overly mistaking her work.

Websites to check out that deal with the Gothic:

This is a great one. It is managed by Dr. Franz Potter; the worlds leading expert in Gothic Literature. It features some podcast, and a blog.

This gives some insight of the byronic hero

This is a list of terms/symbols/imagery/ect that a Gothic piece needs to be coined "Gothic".

(requires adobe)

The Gothic Beauty Magazine:

List of Gothic works and writers from beginning until 1920's:

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