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Is a monologue between two people?

10 Years Ago

I have a question does the conversation need to be between to people or just the person speaking and the reader?   I have been using the tarot deck to try to come up with character, plot, beginning and ending.  I am not a very experienced writer and I thought this would afford me an exercise to do to try to generate some ideas.   Right now I am just working on one character at a time.  I thought maybe it would be fun to also give them a voice that developed their character a little bit more.  Also if there is any advise about this I am all ears.   Thank you, Lily
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Re: Is a monologue between two people?

9 Years Ago

A monologue is one person making a speech. I've no idea what the other fools on here are talking about, nor why the creator of this group didn't know this.

A monologue is a speech by one person, to a reader, a person, or an audience. That's it.