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13 Years Ago


The television set flickered as it made an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a signal. The light illuminating from it’s surface dimly lit the entire room.  An eerie blue, the light flooded across the walls, revealing the room to be a small employee lounge. A lone figure crouched next to the television, clearly frustrated and upset. Swearing softly, the quiet young man tapped the set in a rough manner. He hadn’t been able to get a signal in days. ‘Ever since those f****n’ zombies…’ The frustrated teen shook his head, trying to push his unwanted thoughts aside.           

The lounge of his former workplace wasn’t where the young man had planned to be during a zombie apocalypse. Hell, he hadn’t ever planned on being in one anyways. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been in hiding anyways. All he knew was when he looked out the window, four thousand pairs of undead eyes stared right back.           

He sighed, leaving the useless television and picking up his messenger bag and setting it on the table in the center of the room. He pulled a sleek, white iBook from it, and turned it on, enjoying the quiet hum it made. He’d tried to make contact with anyone he could through the built in Bluetooth, and had been unsuccessful so far. He figured it wouldn’t hurt to check again.