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Harlem Nights Club


This group is for those who enjoy the works of Langston Hughes , Zora Neale Hurston, and so many other great African American during the roaring twenties. I loved how these authors worded their poetry! there was so much heart and soul in their words and the touched on the lives of the everyday man. These poets were the voice of the people oppressed at that time. In our time we have MANY groups of people oppressed and still lack a voice to speak out and make it known how they feel. This group is for all who have a voice and wish as the poets of the Harlem Renaissance to make a statement with their poetry that reach REAL people with REAL issues. This group will deal mainly with African American literature, but is open to ALL races that want to or currently share a interest in this type of literature. We will have group challenges and contests weekly. We will spotlight a famous African American writer's work to study and discuss, like a book club monthly. Help me bring back that type of heart and soul back into our poetry.

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