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7 Years Ago

he walks with style and grandeur of a king/moves strategically never becomes a pawn in the game of life/ a rarity that is seen in his culture/for nothing of greatness is expected of the men who share the same skin color as him/ goes against the poverty and despair he was birth into/ made mistakes as the ones he was surrounded by/but instead of befallen to the same pitfalls he sat with the wise who told no lies/ knowing there was something deeper to be achieved/a story with truth to be told not sold/ a story that individuals from those block of despair and lost hope understood/internationally they embrace him/ a mystery he remains/only through his lyrics will one have a glimpse of his life+times /the words spoken is the truth of the everyday struggle of the culture he lived in/no Harvard graduate or affluent family/ nothing given/ self-achieved success/ inspires those who want better/more than just a block corner/ sits in a corner office but the whole floor he owns/ with a team that plays for him/but is known in Africa for the clean water kids drink from/ and the kid that dreams of college will become more than just what he knows because of him/ loyalty is expected from those he embraces/ an empire he sits upon/ built a nation granting others a path to achieve success through thier talents/ never to be compared/ like a blue diamond which is rare with great beauty that outshines all other diamonds  placed beside it/possessed by very few individuals/ he is a BLUE DIAMOND....