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Beauty (the glowing eyes of beloved monsters)

8 Years Ago

For me, there is true beauty in the scent of rotting leaves and wild mushrooms – the subtle scent of nature’s decay…in muffled groans in the underbrush, eyes glowing from the shadows… It is in the sound of bronze swords clashing over a modern farm-field… It is in the struggles… …in Phoenix’s unfathomable attempt to warp eternity and stuff it into a man’s skin, his mind warping as the space-time folds,
in Azrael’s startled indignation, wings fading in the rainstorm,
in Rhaziel’s carnival of hate waged against a being long since gone,
in the soft tread of Wolf’s feet as he paces the frigid square of his room at midnight,
in every pup out there, awakening and noticing his own claws for the very first time, still-tender wings unfolding… …and in the ghosts, for even their nakedness is beautiful – a symphony of speaking flesh, a silence in their eyes. Stripped of their skin the nerves exposed they go on still, to tell their story… To me, beauty exists in the glowing eyes of my beloved monsters. And as for human beauty – for me it is forever trapped in the broken strings of Paganini’s violin.