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I'm new too

14 Years Ago

Hello everyone. My name is Veronica, and I am new to this site and group as well. I tend to write mostly fantasy and dark poetry, but I have realised recently that all of my work sounds the same.... ::confused:: so comments, suggestions, etc, are all welcome. I will put up the rest of my work on my profile asap. Thanks so much for your time.

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14 Years Ago

well, the hard part is finding out if that 'sameness' is stagnation, or just your style of voice. after all, some writers are very distinctive, and in that it sounds similar between works- which is a GOOD thing.

but then when you find that the stories/works are not unique from each other, then it might be the repetativeness that you are worried about. sometimes it depends on how prolific you are in your writing. sometimes if you write on the same subject every time and quite often, it can cover the same ground. i have a suggestion though, that might help:

break up what you write with other subjects. if you normally write poetry, take a few days to cover some memoir type stuff. you dont have to publish it, but it will clean out the pipes.

change your perspective. if you write in 3rd person, try a short peice or two from first. or change to a male point of view (if you usually use female).

if all else fails and you find yourself returning to the same theme, then you have a actual book in you. sometimes its just something that has to be worked out over the course of a novel before your creative self can put it to rest. dont be scared of the big story, everyone has one in them.