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WW Gone forever. Amongst other things.

13 Years Ago

I must say; I believe it is. I've been on the English TKI site and they've rid the place of any trace of Writers Window.   Which is quite a shame really.   I've joined another website, writing of course, mibba.com. It doesn't do much for poems; but people get into the stories, which is a bonus; it seems to be the opposite of this site. So, if you're keen...there's another site to add to the mass of emails in your inbox :]   R.I.P the Window.

Re: WW Gone forever. Amongst other things.

12 Years Ago


I remember when they said, "the Window is down temporarily. We will reopen sometime after the holiday break."

By that, they mean January-March of 2009. It's now March of 2010. I don't think they're coming back.

I miss Writer's Window!

Re: WW Gone forever. Amongst other things.

12 Years Ago

There's a WW wiki page, which is totally useless, because it redirects to a website more to do with NZ English education. 

I've sent an email to the person who operates the wiki about this group and the amount of waiting we've done, and hopefully s/he'll respond. But I dunno...