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loves true form

11 Years Ago

have you ever wondered what loe looks like, feeling like, sounds like? is i a smile, a kind word, a deep kiss, commitment, jealousy, agression, of scilence. my mother had said to me when she saw younger here mother never said i love you, but she new she did her excact wrds where " my mother never said much, but when she came home from work on the weekends she would make my favorite foods, that was love to me" any thoughts, comments?

Re: loves true form

11 Years Ago

I grew up the same way, she didn't say it, and neither did I or my brothers until I moved away.  But I know she does.  When we were little she would do special things like wrap a hot towel fresh out of the dryer around me when I got out of the tub.  And then she'd hug and hug me.  And in the summer months she'd wake us up early and say "Lets do something fun and exciting!"  'Till this day those words make me smile until my face hurts.  I tell her I love her all the time and sometimes she's sounds and looks surprised but she says it back.  To me love is warm and comforting when you need it, happy and thrilling when you seek it, and intense and emotional when you feel it.  And I had the warmest, happiest, and most thrilling childhood in creation.