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First Topic: Introduction

11 Years Ago

I think we should all tell a little about are self, and what we are about.

I would like to start with my Screen Name, I am the Mad Prophet.  I give advice that is decent, but I can't seem to do the same for myself.  Maybe, my advice I have given may be a bit weird, or reflected at a different angle, but I mean no harm, and only the best out of anything I say.

I appreciate you all for joining, this community will help us all keep in contact, and very well be helpful in letting us know more about each others work.  I wanted a place so that I can find people and relate with, and you all are very talented and I hope to read more stuff from you.  The most of you write about life, a topic I like, but a topic that can be difficult.  I am glad that you all can share, it helps me share my stuff with you and many more people.

I have been writing off and on growing up, and I thought about taking collage courses to devolpe my writing skills.  Actually Writers Cafe' is better, and it's free.  I have no money, and grants are a hassel.  I am ADD, so schooling the least on my mind.  We all need devolpement, and if you notice something about my story or poem that needs some work, I am not insulted by your advice, it would be welcome.  People see things we as a person my miss.

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11 Years Ago

Hi dear writer-friends

We all have a common passion, that's why we find ourselves all together here in the great WC and in this wonderful group. Being a woman in my forties, I love reading and writing since I can remember. After immersing into the world of my passion I forget about reality. Those who say we have only one life to live must not know how to read a book, and must never have found the door to Fantasy-world.

I am always open for constructive criticisme, and therefore grateful for helpful advise. All of us can learn from each other and that's a great opportunity here!

Thanks for creating a place where people can pour their hearts out to free their souls and reinvigorate their spirits ... 

Sunshine and smiles


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11 Years Ago


I'm glad to be a part of this group. I agree with the Mad Prophet, that sometimes we can't really be objective enough about our own work. It's like our babies. They are cute, damn it! I, for one, truly appreciate honest criticism. Often it is the difference between a good poem and a great poem. Please feel free to offer any words of wisdom or advice on my poetry that you see fit.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!


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11 Years Ago

Hello, I am Lucifera. I came to this site to find more peole to relate to, but also to get known. I would like to one day have a published book. It is one of my dreams. I am currently enrolled at college, but taking Medical Adminstrative Transcripts. I would LOVE to take some Creative Writing courses, but as of now I can not.

Writing is a BIG passion of mine, it is something that makes me very happy inside. I also love Photography.


The Mad Prophets advice is a good lethal dose of knowledge, insight, and intelligence. ;) He has helped me a lot, and I thank him dearly for it!

Welp! There is my introduction ;)