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12 Years Ago

This is a very simple process, but I think it will work. At least I hope so, I need to finish this dang novel.   Every week, you write a new chapter of your novel. And, every week, you review somone else's chapter while they review yours. You don't write a new chapter, you get no review. You don't review someone else, NO REVIEW FOR YOU!   Ahem. So.   We'll start out with a practice run to get things going smoothly. You don't actually have to write anything new for this first time, just post a request to your latest chapter, like so:   I need somone to review the last chapter (or more, more is always acceptable. =P ) of my novel The Kidnapping of Renyard the Light.   Whoever reviews me, I will review them. And so on and so forth.   Let's hope his works.