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Kinda Scary Update 1 - April 16

2 Years Ago

Hello my peeps! Welcome to my weekly blog. This is my first. I am hoping to interview different writers, feature other writings, and have some dark humor skits. If you are interested, got a writer or story recommendation, or think you should be on the update next,be sure to message me! As for issue one, there won't be much to say. I guess I should start with...


As you have heard from dozens of social media sites, news, blogs, whatever you use to stay up to date, these are weird times. And they can be scary for some. Boring for others. I fall into the latter. To keep myself, and others, from dying of boredom, I am offering violin and guitar lessons for beginners. I am also offering lessons to learn how to fight with a staff. If you don't have a staff, use a broomstick! But what I am trying to get at is to stay busy. I recommend...


Alright, I guess that's a little biased. I am going to end it before I start rambling. Next issue will feature a writer, feature a story, and a few more little surprises :) I will post them to some group forums and on my blog. Subscribe and friend me if you want to read!
This world is a scary place, my friends. Stay safe.
-Dylan W

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