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Familiarity Breaks

10 Years Ago

Familiarity Breaks

Have you ever done something and not known why you've done it? That's what reading this book is like. You won't have any idea the story is about, yet you'll still want to read it. It's not like anything you've ever read before. ~desbest

Interesting concept. You have me curious!Norma M Sutton

Blurb (100 words max.)
Sheridon is just a typical male person but instead he's popular and likeable. But for some strange reason, things are going bad for him and things are going to happen to him. If you hate reading romance, horror and fantasy books and want a change, a real life depiction may just be all you need.

What is it about?
My novel is about a 14 year old boy and what happens to him over the space of ten days, because of the consequences of his actions before the story starts. He is living out an aftermath, and the butterfly effect is made clear in each chapter. Many people won't know what the story is about until it's too late, and they might kick themselves as to why they didn't figure it out.

Genre: I don't know how to define this.

What it isn't:
Fantasy, romance, horror, teenage.
It's not a romance or relationship story. It's not a teenage issue story.
There's no underage pregnancy, sex, drugs, fitting in, bullying or any of that stuff.

What it is
Realistic, funny at times, wtf at times, harsh at times.
Imaginative and cleverly constructed storyline and world.

Why did you start writing it?
I started writing my novel because I was bored and I was sick of going to my school library to see romance and teenage issue books for girls and horror books for boys. I wanted to write something realistic that had no niche, no horror, romance or some teenage issue book like teenage pregnancies, fitting in, getting bullied, taking drugs. Everything that happens in my novel could happen in real life.

How long is it, and how long did it take you to finish it?
130,000+ words // 6 months

I want to read it
Launch the novel
Paperback copy coming soon (message me if you want to buy it)