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Ash to Ash

10 Years Ago

Ash to Ash   
"The story line is definitely an attention getter."-- Kristina M. Sayers

"I love the story and it does absorb me. ^.^"--Rowan Tyler

Blurb (100 words max.)
This story is not like your everyday vampire novel. It may not be finished but I can say you'll enjoy what's posted so far.

What is it about?
Natalie meets a man in England who she really likes and could fall for. The man attacks her; she returns home and begins to have horrible dreams about the day she was attacked. Soon she starts to notice odd things about herself and her 3 year old daughter Callie. They're Vampires and Ash, her maker, is convinced he is the rightful father of her daughter Callie. Natalie needs to learn how to control her powers and get back Callie, with the help of a mysterious man named Quinn. Who is he and why does he want to help?

(This is a horrible summery, but please dont let that effect what you think of my book)

Genre: Urban Fantasy and fiction

What it isn't: Another Twilight story, Its not a romance and its not for children

What it is: fun, suspenseful, emotional and interesting

Why did you start writing it?: Boredom and a raging imagination

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Re: Ash to Ash

10 Years Ago

thank you!
 This is my book btw