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The Watchers - Truman S. Booth

10 Years Ago

The Watchers

"Very interesting. Full of futuristic detail... You've sold me on this story. Very original and intriguing." --Shawn Renee

Blurb (100 words max.)
Combines just about every Science Fiction element you can think of: high tech gadgets, robots, aliens, time travel.  But it takes a more personal spin on it, from the perspective of an intelligent sixteen year old boy. It's about the relationships between humans, machines, and extraterrestrials.

What is it about? 
Drowl Varse is a teenage boy living in Los Angeles, California, attending the most technologically advanced school in the nation.  He's a lot like most other kids in 2093: he wears the most stylish one-piece "scoots" available, he spends time with his robot, Zudem, and he wonders about the "Watchers," thousands of enormous flying saucers that have hovered quietly over Earth for over fifty years.  But when they finally communicate with the United States, Drowl becomes more involved than any kid ever expected.

Genre: Science Fiction

What it isn't: boring explanations of a future society; a battle between humans and aliens; hard to understand

What it is: interesting; connectible; funny; thought-provoking

Why did you start writing it?: I saw an enormous cloud casting a shadow over a city in the valley and thought of an impending alien spaceship; but the cars and people in the city were going about their daily lives as if it wasn't there.  The concept of inert spacecraft caught my interest, and this story grew from an interesting setting idea.

Read as much as you can if it interests you!  And send me requests for your own Sci-Fi books.  I'd love to read them!