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I'ma Be Down With The Clown! : Forum : Congrats to Pat!...Hey that ki..

Congrats to Pat!...Hey that kind of has its own ring to it! ;)

15 Years Ago

Well, I just want to say -AGAIN I know- lol ::tongue:: congradulations to my good friend Pat. Very awesome writer, talented, nice, all-around great guy from Texas. ::biggrin::

So, since Pat has won the Christmas contest, I decided to go ahead and put him in the spotlight of our group as well. Heck, he deserves it. Job well done, I say!lol ::cool::


a.k.a - The Jester

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15 Years Ago

Thanks for the buildup and my appreciation to all who read "Dear Santa". I was very surprised when it won the contest. I really didn't think it would.

Keep the humor rolling. The whole world needs to laugh.