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Need a reader and a receiver? You've come to the right place. We will read and receive what you've so creatively written. We will tell you EXACTLY what we think. We'll tell you how your story or poem made us feel, how easy it was to read, how it flowed, and even if you need help with grammar or punctuaion. Most of all, we will inspire you to keep writing, getting better and better. Who knows, together as a group..we might even find a way to get published...someday? At the very least, we will be a group that gives you a soft place to ponder...expressively.

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New Literary Magazine For Aspiring Authors


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Newly active.

Roshayann D' Lyn

1 Post

A Peek Inside My Diary...by Susan E Jorge


1 Post

Eye of a Faerie Tale (novel)

Nicole Renee

1 Post

Newcomer aboard

Leticia Bailey

4 Posts

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