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Weird Personal Messages

9 Years Ago

I find it funny that there are three hate groups for Dietrich Goff and yet there are no groups about the strange people that send everyone messages like this:

my name is queen
how are you doing ,i hope fine i saw your profile here today   and became interested in you, it will be my humble pleasure to know you the more, and i kindly want you to send an email to my mail so that i will send you my picture  for you to know whom i am . Here is my email address [[email protected]] i believe we can move from here if it will be your pleasure thanks and God bless,have the best of the day. am waiting for your reply in my mailbox please don't send it in the site
[Remember the distance or color does not matter but love matters allot in life]

Are they prostitutes?  Mail order brides?  Just want a large quantity of friends for some reason?  It is some kind of religion or a scam they want money for?  The entire message they send is extremely vague and it's getting kind of annoying.  They never have any writing on here.  They just make an account in order to get whatever it is they want from us.

Just wondering what you guys made of this.