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13 Years Ago

Don't call me a hypocrite just yet, I'm as guilty as everyone else here when it comes to the following.

I took notice of the small amount of members to this grand group as well as the small number of comments I have on many of my pieces. This got me to thinking, since we're supposed to be an actual Group we should act that way and comment on the stories our fellow members post. I was thinking something aloge the lines of one comment to every other member. It wouldn't be too hard to handle because of the  small amount of members. And for those of us who don't have much time to be commenting  on a bunch of other stories it could be a monthly thing. There is  some motivation to this, you'll also be  gaining comments from everyone else.  Well heck, we could up the motivation  and say the person who gives out the most comments within a given time frame would become the  premired  author  for the following month.

Of course, it's up to our grand moderator Chas. But I think it'd be a great way for the members to actually feel like members and to gain an advantage when it comes to trying to perfect our writing skills.